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River Cities Figure Skating Club
May 2004

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What's Happening

US Figure Skating has abandoned the plan to reconfigure its regions and sections as planned before this years Governing Council meeting. The plan - referred to as the 12/4 Plan would have aligned WV and our club in with Ohio and Kentucky. Governing Council approved abandoning the 12/4 Plan and the current regions and sections will remain as they are. For our Club, this means we will continue to be a member of and compete in the South Atlantic Region.                                                                         

Sports Psychology Clinic

Choeleen Loundagin is scheduled to present a workshop on Saturday, July 10 in Huntington. Choeleen is a former competitive figure skater, is a sports psychologist, and authored a book on sports psychology for skaters entitled The Inner Champion. Her presentation will be important and helpful to skaters of all abilities and ages.

PSA Seminar

On Sunday, April 25 RCFSC hosted the PSA West Virginia State Workshop. There were approximately 11 coaches from Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia that participated. Several skaters were able to have a lesson with master rated Leslie Shackelford-Rinicella. Also, several of our members were able to participate in the on-ice portion of the seminar.

We are beginning a new fundraiser. We will be recycling cell phones. These phones will be refurbished and given to elderly people and victims of domestic violence for emergency use. While raising money for our club we will be providing a great service for our community. All phones should be collected and delivered to Lauren, Heidi, or Kristen Wonn. Thank you for all you do for the club.
What benefits do you receive by becoming a member? Why should I help with fundraising?
This year the club will spend:
$1200 for ice rental (This includes club ice and test sessions.)
$900 for PSA seminar and test session for coaches
$1125 in stipends for our regional and national competitors
The club also helps to support clinics, like Elena Valova.
This averages out to over $100 in benefits for each skater.
Direct any questions to Deanna Donahoe. She is the chair of the membership committee.
Lend a Hand
If you would like to help out and don't know where to begin, here are a few ideas.
Attend a Board Meeting.
Voluteer to help during a test session.
Play tapes for skaters working on programs.
Get involved with fundraising.
You will get as much out of participating, as you are willing to put into it. You may even feel satisfied just knowing that you helped!

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.